Freedom to Grow in Ontario.

Personal Production Home Service, everything you need to know and grow cannabis for medical purposes.

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12 Plants Yearly Indoor

Grow Cannabis Plants x 3 Harvests Yearly.

Designed for maximum yields in minimal space, the Roommate is our smallest grow box available. Capable of housing 4 plants, it can grow big flowers in any room.

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27 Plants Yearly Indoor

Grow 9 Cannabis Plants x Harvests Yearly.

Designed for maximum efficiency, the BloomBox is a home grower’s dream. Featuring a 48 clone propagation area and 32 cubic feet of growing space for 9 Plants.

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54 Plants Yearly Indoor

Grow 18 Cannabis Plants x Harvests Yearly.

Designed to optimize yield size, the Producer more than delivers. Capable of housing 18 hydro plants, it’s one of our most popular grow boxes.

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Bringing it home with BC Northern Lights.

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